You don’t know the size of the box that you need ?

We will help you. You can consult the table below. This evaluation is done by considering a carton with the following dimensions : 600 x 300 x 300 mm (cartons for sale in our location)

Number of cartonsNumber of necessary m²
15 to 30 cartons2 m²
31 to 45 cartons3 m²
46 to 60 cartons4 m²
61 to 80 cartons5 m²
81 to 120 cartons8 m²
121 to 150 cartons10 m²
151 to 180 cartons12 m²
You can also refer to the table below :
Number of roomsNumber of necessary m²
1 room2 m²
Studio of 20 m²3 m²
Studio of 30 m²4 m²
Apartment F25 m²
Apartment F38 m²
Apartment F410 m²
Apartment F512 m²
Média-boxes remains at your disposal to refine your estimate.