Are you looking for an easy and adaptable warehousing solution?

You`re struggling for some space to stock your things?
The rental of a box allows you to warehouse your furniture, your stuff and your archives. If you want to move houses, you can store your belongings and then move in in total serenity.

Why to choose Media boxes?

1. I move house, but I haven`t found my new home yet.
2. I have to do renovation changes.
3. I will paint the walls and I want to be able to work without having to move the stuff all the time.
4. I am struggling for space and I want to stock the things that I don`t use constantly.
5. I will study abroad and I want to store my personal stuff in a secure place.

Media boxes proposes you boxes for rent from 1 to 27m2. Our teams are fully dedicated to your needs and warrantee you a high quality customized service.
You choose the size of the box you rent, from 1 to 27m2.
You determine the period of time of your location.
You are the only person in possession of your private room key.
You have free access to your storage room.
You benefit of all the necessary handling materials. (carts, transpalets etc.)
You warehouse securely. (tele-monitoring 24h/24)
Your things are insured*.

The advantages of media-boxes:

You will find on our site parking and unloading areas and also a sales area where you can purchase packing and moving supplies.

*Media-boxes insurance contribution at 14 euros monthly or provide us with an insurance certificate.